Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Not all Paints and Palletes!

In between classes, cutting classes and after classes you'll see most of us here. Where you ask, it was called Bilog; a hub situated inside the University of the East campus that architecturally resembled a cock-derby arena, just outside the Fine Arts building. Many rushed projects were painstakingly finished here.We were so-called Deadline Artists; 'cause we would submit plates and projects just in the nick of time, well most of us, basically. In a typical day you'll see us hanging about in our little tavern, lighting a smoke, swapping nonsense, hiding from our professors, playing a hand or two of cards, staring at girls who passby the hallway and holla "Hotshit" at 'em, ...stretching after hours length of painting nude models, at occassions grab a gin and tonic and have a buzz, and tryin to avoid gettin picked up by guards (Damn, sikyu's!).
And that was just for starters, the fun really starts after school hours and then the shindigs on, It's the after party as I like to call it. Then come the next morning you arrive at school with a nasty case of hangover, ask your friends 'Bros', what happened last night?' and find out from them you were swapping spit and some fluids with a gal you somehow forgotten, tough right! What was most fun was when everytime we would offer to do henna tatoos, bussles of hot mommas would line up pick a design and have it tattoed on places horny guys like us would appreciate, suprisingly most of them were very unhibiting, they never cared if a g-string, a strap or lace would show....or God forbid you cup a feel, Oooops! sorry!Again!And again!
Damn! that's why I love beein an artist.
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Friday, September 24, 2004

Up Yours!!!

I used to know some pretentious prick who acts like some nazi mutha! One of this days you'll pay your just dues! You made my stay at Stalag 69 a living hell. Thank God D-day came. For all I just wanna say this ain't some long-time hostility pointed towards one guy and I'm all geared up to shoot him with a rifle like that guy on Higher Learning when he went all AJAX on campus or when the Son of Sam killer slaughtered all those people and he told coppers his dog made him do it. And no I won't go Columbine on his ass, that's just plain stupid; though tempting I might add. No, I just saw a miniseries about Hitler's life and damn! it made me think of this fuckin poser, can you say SIAMESE! Posted by Hello

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Blast From the Past, Guess Who? Winners may buy me a beer.

This is for all DETIMARO members or any coed who happen to have spent 4 years in a place worse than the ghettos, And controlled by this Mein Kempf avid reader and all-around Uncle Fucker. The place we were sentenced: MCU, the fucking dictator;__________?? ..was who? A very distinctive hint can be seen in the picture. Indulge me in giving you bits and pieces of information to guide you in realizing really who this nut swallower is. Well if you didn't by now have the slightest of idea as to the resemblance of the two freak jobs, the one the real Hitler and the other the Adolf wannabe. So here it goes:

1.This poser lets call him, looks and smells like a real dictator, meaning 'Yes' he looks and smells like dick. 2. He also controls a bunch of his army men, you know he makes them say Achtung!, and makes them march and ready them for impending war to conquer Europe, NOT!!! 3. Ah, yes how can I forget the hair genocides, t'was a gloomy flag ceremony each day of inspection. You know we have to be good little boys and follow in the Fuhrer's same sense of styling our locks. No parting of the Dead Sea or you'll have MC Hammer hair when he sends you off to your jail cell 4. Our uniforms man, must be Government issued, he wishes. The pants man if the seamline of your pants exceeds 7 inches and your off by a centimeter it's the trenches for you. 5. And what the fuck was this anti-semmitic (or Jew hater; I called him that bec. Jews are known to have long hairs; and he hates long hairs) thinking when he was issuing TRO's, I think it was called for those quote-unquote violations, like it was a crime to have bangs. 6. Your right to organize went AWOL bec. of him, If he sees a large group of people hanging about like we did he'll seperate us and tell all our Gustapho's about it. 7. Every morning he would stand in his imaginary podium, hold the speaker phone and urges us to join his little Nazi party and those with not so clean records were humilated and bared because they did not belong to the Aryan race. 8. Final clue, when D-day came at our graduation he threw tradition off the window, He over and over commanded us not to throw our top hats at the end of the ceremony, Bullshit!!
Figured it out...If not still, this demogogues' famous alias is that thing that can be bought each night from guys carrying baskets while humming that all familiar line _ _ _ _ _! It's around eight pesos a pop. And It's something you can eat. You make Tsup! tsup! at it Hmmm, Delish!

How sweet was our victory guys when we toppled off his so-called regime and survived.
Still somehow we have to thank him and those other cunts like him for....for..., Wait! I can't think of nothin. Thanks for playin Guess the Fuck face. Next time I'll quiz you all on who the Lenin, Mussolini, Bush, and Saddam wannabes are. Live Fast! Die Young! fellas.
Ora Le Esse!!!
This is a paid advertisement for my one time nemesis, evil canevel , duke of hazard and Czar of Pateros.Hey Bygones!
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Sigmund Freud Why? or So Fucking What? What's the better title?

As my friends could attest I'm both a Psychology and Fine Arts major but both came out half-baked. Well if only Sigmund Freud could rise from his grave and can give one more session and psycho-analyze me, Think it will help me a lot. Maybe if he'll give me a dose of a little hypnotheraphy, some electric shocks then top it with the Chinese torture chamber. Wait I got an idea... So all I need are some wood preferably 6ply then fashion it into a box, some nails those sharp ones and throw some dull ones too, a necklace must have a pendant of course; and I'm off to have a one on one session w/ myself.

-from the sick mind of a sick me- Posted by Hello

-As the flame touched my lips
-As the liquid with its dire putrid taste made its way to my head
-As the sound in all its noise pushed through my ears
-As the memoirs of yesteryears flashed back
-As the relenting query ‘why?’ seek out answers not yet found
-As the wind with all its smolder clouded my awareness
-As my eyes drowned in tears
-As my fists struck all barriers with all my strength
-As the ink wrote stuffs never meant to be comprehended
-As my body trembled ‘cause of trepidation of what may come
-As my veins showed manifestly due to perpetual pressures
-As my heart fell into a spasm


-As the cold crept down my spine
-As everyone who I care for disputed everything I do
-As my supposed friends where never there when they should have been
-As my mentors who ought to help pushed me down
-As love with all its might crippled me with pain
-As my key never unbolted any locks
-As my providence ran out and was mislaid by misfortunes
-As the door closed entirely hitting me on my face


-As I traversed along the cycle of existence
-As I am ensnared in this vast infinity of hassles
-As I am persistently haunted by my conscience
-As I am naively lying to myself
-As my ego consumed me entirely
-As my enthrallment with the devil diluted my faith
-As the gods with their master plan played us like marionettes


-As the deafening sound of angst awakened my longing for total tranquility
-As the worsening state of my existence become further dismal
-As her face kept on budging in on my mind
-As fate ever so spiteful destined already my demise
-As the wounds with all its pain never healed
-As my eyes confine in three dimensions the lunacy of our so- called world


-As her saccharine ‘yes’ grew more and more into a rancid ‘no’
-As my still breathing body sank deeper and deeper six feet under
-As the shackles of my repression to transgression and lure tightened each day
-As bigotry from diversities befall more the reason for another holocaust
-As night dawns fast and day never showed his visage
-As creatures grand and intrepid evolve to become no more than mere human


-As solitude become more the meaning of my bliss
-As the chemicals that flooded my system diluted my wits and body
-As diffidence made me fearful to meet head-on even my own silhouette
-As I hear people whispering calling me a freak
-As my life flashed back leasing me a new chance to glimpse those exhausted years
-As my psychotic mentality geared me to do things you could never even envision


-As the prejudice eyes of the populous pricked through my individuality
-As change ever so constant seemed to have elapsed over me
-As I ran out of grounds to dissenter
-As people kept calling me a LOSER
-As my life ever so multihued now faint to tones and shades of black
-As the cheap malt liquor made me lofty



Mascot name: Beegoatee

This is a logo design for a billboard that someday will grace tha long highways of EDSA or this will be somethin you'll oneday spot atop my major advertising firm's highrise. I chose the name ERACISM STUDIOS for its intended double meaning. It could mean as an artist I've dealt with erasures a lot or it could also mean I'm not prejudice. The logo features a charicature illustration of me holding on for dear life on my PC while still posin' for the camera Posted by Hello

MMDA Advisory: Think Pink!

Rage Against the Machine is my fave band of all time not only due to Zack dela Rocha's lyrical stylings and vocal prowess but also because of the band's idealists minds and no-nonsense I wouldn't take crap from anyone philosophy that resonates to most of of their songs. My personal testament of how great this bands is this, It was my Speech class and we were supposed to give eloquent monologues in front of the class and it was half of our final grade. I was so nervous 'cause I had nothin' prepared so when I was called I relunctantly stood up and introduced that my speech was delivered by a great revolutionary leader by the name of Zack dela Rocha then I pieced together bits & pieces of their songs lyrics namely the Intro to 'Bombtrack', a lot of ' Without a Face' and ended it with 'Take the Power Back' all in the Live and Rare album, that I just bought so most of their songs were still freshly imprinted in my mind. 'Cause you know how it is when you buy a new spanking album you listen to it until you get tired of it, then pile it where it can collect dust and be forgotten. So to make a long story short when I was finished my professor liked it and I passed the course. If he only knew...
So as thanks this is my propaganda art as proof of my leftist incling.
But I don't know if this is a fight I could win.
What was I thinking' ...URINALS!!! Piss off!! MMDA when number 1 calls I wouldn't recognize
a wall from a post or a pink smelly urinal.
Fight for your Right!
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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Original Poem for a Very Original Girl


As you saunter to where your fate dictates
You think your life's entirely ending up in waste
Once a part of a grand perpetuity
Now rapt amongst forgotten history

Remembering the dawn of time and of creation
You once believed in it with deep fascination
Now you halt and pointlessly wander through the dark
You escaped from which you thought was the cell of
your incarceration

Endlessly roaming you now realize you can't go back
And all you've got is yourself & the world you've made
No more can you hear your mind think
And all you can see are your memories drowning down
the sink

Only the frosty wind gives you company
To quench your thirst from your melancholy
Drops of tear relentlessly fall
'Cause you've known all is gone and is no mor
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I'm a big Scarface fan and my other name is Tony Montana

This is for the Vatos Locos who never get tired
of pimpin'. Hey, Carnalito's this one for us,
Homes! This little nonsense I did way back
when we where still in the barrios, I mean in
school, Esse!

DETIMARO Posted by Hello

D- elinquents we are often called
Enemies of our own teachers
We are the new society
The new breed of insanity

E- njoying the plasures of life
As we rage against our enemies
Not minding the world behind
Trapped in world of cruelties

T- omorrow will wait
And we don't even care
For what may come around
'Cause we don't easily scare

I- nhuman you may call us
Our souls filled with sin
Death may come and get us
For we don't know where we've been

M- ind astray we all will stay
In a world of sin and lies
Insanity! You try to see
Our corroding conformity

A- narchy and chaos
Our humanity plagued with disorder
Time will tell then you'll see
You all will burn in hell

R- otten youth they all dispute
Diversity versus eccentricity
We the proud, the few
We fuse to our brotherhood

O- ld men dying, justice not prevailing
The only hope of this nation
Against holocaust or incarceration

Monday, September 20, 2004

What's this Shit?

Just something I did to kill time..
Wondering what the hell this logo means, it's just some kickass group. There's no frontin just some kickass pimpin, hey fellas, Holla!! Founded in the year of our Lord;1995. We were a bunch of rowdy hotheads as we reach our one decade mark; we the few. the proud, we fuse to our brotherhood!
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To Beer or not to Beer, that is the Question. Whether it is nobler to sufer the slings and arrows of a coffee bean......

This is a parody I made using the famous Starbucks logo.
Hey cofee for me sucks, whether it's a hundred bucks worth of Frappacinno or those in cheap
sachets , eveytime I take a sip it always wanna make me take a dump. I say give me malt liquor anytime. Don't care if a pint of beer can make me puke, nothin still beats a hangover!
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Saturday, September 18, 2004

Homage to the Queer

This original digital artwork that I made is obviously inspired by Andy Warhol; a fuckin kickass gay painter who if you didn't know designed the famous Campbell soup layouts. Anyway, if your wondering who the hell is that lad in that masterpiece sporting that very cute visage, Is he famous you ask,...'No it's not Judas man, it's just me.. Posted by Hello

Friday, September 17, 2004

2D Art

This is my original artwork.It's a 4-peice 2 dimensional artwork designed as a series art. These pieces were made to resemble brass or metal sculptured peices.The materials I used were thin sheets of rubber, illustration boards and tons of glue. Posted by Hello

Maria Clara

Influenced by one of my mentors ethnic inspired artworks which predominantly features women with arched heads. Posted by Hello

Buddha bless you...

The concept was intended for my design artclass but it was never approved so I used it for my sculpture anyway. Posted by Hello


This piece was particularly inspired by a local phonecard
. Posted by Hello


This is inspired by a yakuza tattoo I saw from a mag. Posted by Hello

Shotgun Blues!

This is my sepia artwork of two oldfolks enjoying fine cuban stoges, or is it?; hopefully not in Makati or they would have been charged with a misdemeanor. This vintage painting look can be acheived with the use of just a brush, a coffee, and a little skill to boot.
See even our grannys' were jammin' back then, bet you they were listenin to some Rasta stuff on the background while they were stogin'.
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Thursday, September 16, 2004


A movie I can't forget...Probably because it's a movie that will blow your mind. A surrealistic fore-telling of a pothead's life. See Ewan McGregor dropp his pill in the loom and he diving and swimming after it.Live fast...Die young. For sure you'll get your fix if you view this flick! Posted by Hello

Taxi Driver turned Vigilante

Are you talking to me? I said are you talkin' to me? There's no one else here so you must be talking to me. I think most men in one point or another who ever saw this flick has tried to recapture this vigilante's monologue. But I bet not as disturbing as when De Niro spew the line. Kudos. Posted by Hello

Che Guevara: From Rebel leader to Pop icon

This is a Warholian tribute to the greatest revolutionary leader Ernesto "Che Guevara. The finest leftist there is. Hasta La Victoria Siempre! His portrait will forever dawn the streets as long as there are pigs who trample on people's civil liberties. Posted by Hello

The Big "O" for Mona

Mona Lisa smiles or just hesitantly not too excited about Da Vinci painting her portrait.
Or is she posing really..? Hmmn, maybe someones pulling a Bill Clinton stint down her skirt hence the nasty grin. Hey whatever happened back then, ain't a problem 'cause this little ditty right here fetches a hefty right now. Gonna have me some of that moola, hopefully, soon, too.
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1st Day of Creation...And then there was light...Then my Blog....And I said to myself Everything's Good.....

In the beginning there was nothing, no thought of space existed, only the deafening silence of nothingness traversed this vast infinity. No concept of randomness but of just the pre-destined...
Then came my awareness of blogs, hence this new chapter for me.
Let me forewarn first time voyeurs at my site 'cause I even don't know
when will my 7th Day be....



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